Workshop Summary

Duration :          5 days and 4 nights
Group Size :     Maximum of 8
Cost :                  $ 1,950 per person
Experience :     Beginners to Professionals
Fitness :              Easy access

Join Wanderlust Imagery for a 5 day adventure
on three salt lakes located in the Mallee District
of North West Victoria.

We will explore

·        Lake Tyrrell

·        Lake Wahpool

·        Lake Timboram


·        Sunrise and Sunset Mirror Reflections

·        Aerial Abstract Landscapes by drone

·        Evening Astrophotography

Camera Craft and Techniques covered include : 

Shooting in Manual Mode
Shooting for Backlighting 
Focus Stacking
Exposure Blending
Astrophotography Settings and Techniques
Understanding your Histogram 
Abstract Composition
Image Post Processing in Lightroom / Photoshop

•    •    •

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