Antarctica Adventures

In November/December 2022 Robin was invited by Intrepid Travel to represent Sony Australia as a Photography Ambassador on 2 trips to Antarctica. As one of the leaders on the shipboard photography program, it was her role to match guests with complimentary Sony cameras and lenses to suit their style and tastes. Guests on the program could swap and change lenses and cameras each day without charge. Ship board sessions included shooting with both wide angle and zoom lenses for the landscapes and whales, and then learning the skills of bird photography as the albatross and petrels swooped in the winds off the stern of the ship. Shore trips and Zodiac trips provided multiple  opportunities to shoot wildlife and ice formations every day. At the end of each day guests on the program met for help with editing their photos and then putting together a cohesive portfolio of images to tell the story of their grand adventure. Each day the location and the weather and the diverse wildlife provided a truly magical experience. There was immense pleasure in everyone sharing the joy of a new adventure. Antarctica was truly a magical land.   You can see a video of the adventure on the Wanderlust Imagery  Youtube  channel.

Icebergs Gentoo Penguins Brash Ice Dinner Penguin Face
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