Workshop Summary

Duration :          2 days + 3 nights
Group Size :     Maximum of 8
Cost :                  $ 675 per person single room
                             $ 595 per person shared room

Experience :     Beginners to Professionals
Fitness :             Easy access.
Some rock hopping required for sunrise shoots

Join Wanderlust Imagery and get close and  personal
to stingrays and explore seascapes on the South Coast
of NSW. Prepare to have some fun and get out of
your comfortzone.

Exactly 3 hours drive south of Sydney is a beach
with clear turquoise water, and gentle giant
Bull rays and puppy dog like Eagle rays that
will swim and play amongst us.

Stand, swim or snorkel for the encounter. 
If you are brave enough, you can feed
the stringrays fishy snacks and pat their backs 
as they glide past us with calm and grace.

Bring your ownunderwater camera or borrow
one of ours. Use your iPhone with our underwater
iPhone housing, or bring your go-pro to capture
the experience. We will ensure you have plenty of 
time to engage with and photograph these animals.

Based in a private residence on a headland
overlooking two beaches and a rock platform
we can shoot the passing whales, and soaring
sea eagles straight from the deck. Direct access
to the rock shelves below means we can shoot
a long exposure sunrise on our doorstep.

Camera craft covered includes : 

Underwater photography settings
Shooting in Manual Mode
Shooting for Backlighting 
Understanding your histogram 
Long exposure settings
Focus stacking
Exposure blending

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