Workshop Summary

Duration :          2.5 hours
Group Size :     One on One
Cost :                  $150
Experience :     Beginners to Professionals
Fitness :              Easy access

Join Robin photographing the lovely Grey Headed Flying Foxes
in the late afternoon to early evening, as they dip into the river
for a cooling drink during summer's very hot evenings.. 

A unique wildlife experience with technique tuition 
by an experienced wildlife photographer. 

Techniques covered include : 

Continuous autofocus and camera tracking
High ISO shooting and editing
Shooting in Manual Mode
Fast and Medium Shutter speeds 
Shooting for Backlighting 
Understanding your histogram 
Lots of fun and laughter 
Drinks and nibbles

This is a temperature and  weather dependent workshop, If in the 

unlikely instance the bats don't dip, we will reschedule to a 2nd day.


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