Workshop Summary

Duration :          7 days
Group Size :     Maximum of 6
Cost :                  Range $ 7,750 to $8,695 per person
Experience :     Beginners to Professionals
Fitness :              Easy access

Join Wanderlust Imagery for a 7 day photographic retreat
in this extraordinary setting. Using Arkaroola as a base we will
explore the surrounding ranges, and waterholes, then venture
further into Central Australia with flights over Lake Eyre and
The Painted Hills, overnighting at iconic William Creek and
up to 2 hours on the ground at The Painted Hills.

A fantastic adventure, providing unique experiences
of the Northern Flinders Ranges and Central Australia.

We will explore 

•      Abstract salt patterns of Lake Frome and Lake Eyre

•      Geologically rich primordial landscapes

•      Birdlife drawn to the waterholes found in towering gorges

•      Compositionand post processing techniques


•      Sunriseand Sunsets

•      Birdlife and Wildlife

•      Aerial Abstracts of the salt flats

•      Aerial and land based images of majestic and
        rugged landscapes

•      The Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby

Camera Craft and Techniques covered include : 

Shooting in Manual Mode
Continuous Auto Focus and camera tracking
Fast and Medium Shutter speeds
Shooting for Backlighting 
Focus Stacking
Exposure Blending
Understanding your Histogram 
Abstract Composition
Image Post Processing in Lightroom / Photoshop

Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary is located in the most
rugged and ancient part of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges.
It occupies 610 square kilometres and was founded by
the  Sprigg family in 1968 to study, educate and conserve
a priceless and unique wilderness.

Showcasing a Geological History that dates back 2 billion years,
it has become a centre of study into the formation of the earth.
Sir Douglas Mawson brought the area to the attention of the
modern world.

The area features many unique geological monuments,
rugged mountains towering granite peaks, magnificent gorges
and a wide range of birds, reptiles and mammals including
the shy and endangered Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby.

It is a place of inspiration for the artist.

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